cartagena colombia travel guide

Visiting Cartagena Colombia

This cartagena colombia travel guide will help you make the decision to come to this beautiful paradise in the Colombian Caribbean. Sunny skies throughout the year, white sand beaches, sun loungers and crystal clear waters is what awaits you when you arrive in Cartagena de Indias.

Cartagena is a city full of stories, as it was the first city founded by the Spanish during colonization, until it became the epicenter of the independence of South America. Even today, it retains its cobblestone streets, historic neighborhoods and the walled city, this city has something for everyone. Stay until the end of this guide so I can make the final decision to come.

Accommodations in Cartagena

cartagena colombia travel guide

Many people will tell you to choose your accommodation carefully, to download an app where you can find the perfect accommodation, but we also have the solution for hosting.

In many Cartagena Colombia travel guides you will find 5-star hotels such as the Hilton, Marriott or Decameron, but they are quite limited accommodations if you want to have a little fun or bring guests. Our accommodations are 5 stars, but it is not about hotels, it is about beautiful villas that date back 200 years and that are perfect not only to stay comfortably and rest, but also to have a little fun, bring guests, etc. … With our houses there are no restrictions.

San Diego and the Old City

cartagena colombia travel guide

If you prefer to take a tour of the center, we have lodging in the old city. This city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its special charm that it has preserved since the time of independence, its cobbled streets and historic buildings painted in bright colors make it very special, and the tourists who come to Cartagena fall in love with it. This part of the city is perfect for those who like to walk around. There are many bars, restaurants and historical places where you can watch the sunset and take some photos.

On the other hand, San Diego is a place located northeast of the old city. Here you will find La Plaza de San Diego, La Boveda handicrafts market among other places to sit and have a cold drink.

Getsemani neighborhood

cartagena colombia travel guide

It is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Cartagena, here you will get a more local edgy experience, with street art everywhere you look. In the Getsemani neighborhood, the most emblematic place is the Plaza de La Trinidad, which is a place that attracts many tourists, and is the heart of this emblematic neighborhood.

If you walk through this neighborhood at night, you will find live music, dancing, food, drinks and many locals. Good news is that we also have accommodation in this neighborhood so it is ideal to stay with us.

When to come to Cartagena?

From December to April it is the driest time in Cartagena, with few sporadic attempts at rain. Celebrating the new year here is a real party, since the locals in Cartagena love this date and their celebration is usually quite extravagant, and of course it is a perfect date to escape the winter at home.


These dates are ideal for traveling because the humidity is manageable and the skies are always clear if you want to get a tan.

On the other hand, if you travel from May to November, the streets are less crowded, so you will appreciate a much calmer panorama but with more sporadic rains. Everything will depend on your taste.

What else should you know?

cartagena colombia travel guide

Cartagena is a very picturesque city, not only because of its streets but also because of its people, so it is common to find people dancing or selling souvenirs in the streets.

At Bocagrande Beach you will also find street vendors along Bocagrande and the beaches on Rosario Island. We highly advise you to stand firm when it comes to receiving free samples, because in the end, they will ask you for money, but with a refusal they won’t bother you anymore.

On the other hand, we highly recommend taking a tour of places such as the El Totumo mud volcano and San Basilio de Palenque, the first slave town in South America. Along the way you will find locals who will offer to take you on a tour in exchange for money, but do not take them into account, with us that service is already included.

As you can see, our Cartagena Colombia travel guide is quite complete, and we have everything you need, our VIP service not only includes the house or a tourist guide, we can also rent you a luxury yacht and cruise the Caribbean of Cartagena and provide you with the best activities depending on the reason for your trip. Write to us right now, and our agents will be contacting you quickly.

Cartagena Colombia Travel

Cartagena Colombia Travel

This cartagena colombia travel guide is quite an adventure, this Colombian city on the Caribbean coast is perfectly preserved as it was an important point in colonial times. During the heyday of drug traffickers in Colombia, Cartagena was considered the safest place in the country for tourists.

Today, it continues to maintain those characteristic colors that remind us of those ancient times of Simon Bolívar, making it, together with Medellin, the best destination to spend vacations. High-class Colombians and foreigners are building houses in this place to rest and are also investing in the nautical sector, such as yachts or catamarans.

In this CARTAGENA COLOMBIA TRAVEL guide we will tell you everything you need to know about this town, places to visit and its people, find hidden beaches, delicious foods and take a tour of the Caribbean Sea.

Visit the Islands

cartagena colombia travel

When doing Cartagena travel, it is practically mandatory to visit the most famous islands, including the most important Las Isla del Rosario. Around this famous Island you can find 27 islets to arrive in one of our Yachts. If you want to embark on this adventure, we have 25 ships available at all prices and with assistants to make your trip as comfortable and pleasant as possible, together with your friends or family.

In many of these islands you can drop anchor, jump on the Caribbean water, take jet skis or snorkel and see the most beautiful reefs.

See the Beautiful Sunset From the Wall

Cartagena Colombia Travel

When the sun begins to disappear, many locals and tourists like to enjoy the beautiful sunset from the great wall. It is a natural spectacle that you can enjoy with your family and drink a delicious beer or cocktail. It is a show that is worth witnessing, taking videos or photos, but the most beautiful memory will remain in your memory, which is why it is an activity that we recommend with your companions.

How about a free walk?

Cartagena Colombia Travel

If Cartagena has something, it is a lot of culture and history, this place is not only for parties, you can also learn a lot about history and admire its monuments. In the tour we can include the Clock Tower, the Palace of the Inquisition, the Customs Square, the Heredia Theater among others.

You can also take a leisurely walk through the Getsemaní district, famous for its colonial houses and exclusive restaurants. Many of our accommodations are found in this district of Getsemaní, so if you stay here, you will live in a colonial paradise throughout your stay.

Get to know the Bazurto Market

cartagena colombia travel guide

If you want to try things out of the ordinary and get to know a different side of Cartagena and escape to the other side of the city, the Bazurto Market will be an interesting tour.

It is very easy to get disoriented in this market due to the noise, it is like a labyrinth, dirty, noisy and fascinating. The market itself is incredible, full of varieties of fruits, spices and vegetables at very low prices. If what you want is to cook your own food on your own, here you will find everything you need. We advise you to come with an empty stomach.

Come to the Museum of Modern Art

cartagena colombia travel guide

Built by the Spanish Royal House in the 17th century, the modern art museum is small and includes an invaluable collection of mostly national artists. Alejandro Obregon, one of the most influential artists in Cartagena in painting, has numerous paintings in this museum, so if you have a taste for art, coming here will be very pleasant for you.

A wide variety of photographs are also exhibited detailing the transformation of the city through history. Your visit here may last about an hour, but believe me it’s worth taking this tour without regretting it.

Exfoliate your skin with mud from the Volcano

cartagena colombia travel guide

Known as the Volcano of youth, many locals and foreigners come here to enjoy this place, exfoliating their skin and having a good time with a beer in hand. Only 15 people enter this place at the same time but we assure you that this is an experience that will revitalize your body and you will feel that you are resting.

According to a local legend, this volcano used to be a lava volcano, but it became a mud volcano due to a rite of a local priest who sprinkled holy water on this place, giving rise to a beautiful legend.

The Castle of San Felipe de Barajas

cartagena colombia travel guide

This famous castle was built and rebuilt from the middle of the 15th century to the 17th century. It was used to defend the coasts of Cartagena from pirates and European invasions.

At this time it is in excellent condition and the passage is accessible to see its typical artillery from the time of independence, you can explore the internal galleries and its innumerable tunnels. Here you will learn how Spanish military engineering was and is now recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

As you can see, this Cartagena Colombia travel guide is not only a party adventure, but you can also learn about its culture, wonderful places, its history and its people.

Many of the people who have traveled to Cartagena from the United States or Europe have ended up staying, either for business or simply because they fell in love with Cartagena. Schedule a video call with us and we will show you everything that we have told you during this article.

Cartagena Colombia Travel

Why Go to Cartagena

A cartagena colombia travel tips will be quite an experience, it is a vibrant city wherever you look at it, people are deeply rooted in their culture and customs, with a festive atmosphere all year round that gives it the nickname of the happiest city in Colombia.

During the colonial era, Cartagena functioned as a key point for the Spanish empire, this era left Cartagena strategic points that remain to this day, colonial houses, stone streets, and it’s great 11 km wall that in its time served as a wall against pirates, this wall was named a UNESCO heritage site in 1984.

What to do in Cartagena during your trip?

Cartagena Colombia Travel

There are many places of interest to visit this beautiful Colombian city, we will name 3 quite special places of cultural interest

The Castle of San Felipe de Barajas – Located in the Getsemani neighborhood and its construction was completed in 1657, this attractive castle is located on some hills and has a system of tunnels into the mountains.

Cartagena Colombia Travel

Plaza Santo Domingo – The plaza is represented by a beautiful iron sculpture called “La Gorda Gertrudis” which was created by the Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero.

Cartagena Colombia Travel

The Walled City – It is the most famous tourist attraction in Cartagena, its construction began in 1586 and ended in 1796. It was declared a World Heritage Site in the 80s.

Cartagena Colombia Travel

When is a good time to come to Cartagena?

Cartagena Colombia Travel

The best time of the year to come to Cartagena is the months of December to April. The city has a fairly tropical climate and this means high temperatures.

The season from December to April coincides with the summer in Cartagena. It is the best opportunity to get to know this city from head to toe, not only get to know the city, but embark on its islands, which are very beautiful.

We will be very pleased that your destination is Cartagena this year, at this time we are in the best time for you to come to know and enjoy the wonders that this city offers its visitors.

With our help a Cartagena Colombia travel will be much more interesting, since our packages include accommodation and a large staff that will be at your disposal to make your stay more pleasant in the beautiful city of Cartagena. Don’t think twice and schedule a video call with us and we’ll show you everything we’ve talked about.

Cartagena Colombia Travel

Planning a Cartagena Colombia Travel

Are you planning a cartagena colombia travel? … Now, Imagine this scene with your family: you are in the Caribbean watching the sunset directly on the sea, in your hands you have an orange juice and in the background you can hear voices speaking sweet Spanish. Where do you think it could be? Yes, you are in Cartagena, Colombia! Here we tell you all the details to plan your trip to Cartagena.

What is the ideal date to travel to Cartagena?

planning a cartagena colombia travel

The heat is always present in this coastal city, an ideal climate to enjoy the city. The climate is tropical and humid, the average temperature is around 27ºC. Because the heat is constant, the only thing to keep in mind when planning your trip is the rainy season, which in Cartagena runs from May to November. The rainiest month is October. The “dry” period runs from December to April, making it a good time to visit the walled city.

One thing you should keep in mind is that we manage the accommodation with our packages, which consist of picking you up at the airport, taking you to an accommodation owned by us, and a driver will be available to transport you throughout the city.

What can you do on your trip to Cartagena?

What about the Beaches?

The best beaches are a bit far from the city. The crystal clear sea and white sand that everyone imagines when they think of the Caribbean are in the Rosario Archipelago, which brings together some 28 islands. This region is known as the Corales del Rosario National Park.

We have yachts of our property that will take you to the islands on round trip tours. The trip can last between 1 hour and 2 and a half hours, depending on the type of boat you choose and the island you want to visit. In the national park you can snorkel and dive in its extensive coral reefs, enjoy a day of rest in the calm waters and visit the Aquarium.

Planning a cartagena colombia travel is very easy if you do it with us, we have all the comforts available with our packages, we adapt to your budget and if it is last minute.

cartagena colombia travel safety

Cartagena Travel Guide 2023

Cartagena, the famous Colombian city characterized by its narrow streets and balconies full of flowers. The one that I liked for its colonial façade and its thousands of colors.

Since Cartagena de Indias was founded, it has been one of the most important ports in America and brings with it a rich history and a great artistic and cultural heritage.

For several years it was the target of attacks by pirates who tried to loot and rob the Spanish administration of the time. That is why a fortification was built around the city and, today, the walled city of Cartagena is visited by thousands of tourists a year.

Cartagena is a big city, but when you plan a trip, you usually think of the Walled City, Bocagrande and Getsemaní. As long as you move through these three locations, there is little chance that you will run into any issues security-wise. Closer to the airport there are some somewhat complicated areas.

cartagena colombia travel safety

The best time to travel to Cartagena

Do you want a cartagena colombia travel safety? The Cartagena region tends to have a fairly constant tropical climate. The temperatures do not vary much during the year but it has two very marked seasons in terms of rain.

The dry season, and therefore the most recommended to travel to Cartagena, corresponds to the months that go from December to April.

On the contrary, the rainy season runs from May to November.

The dry season also coincides with the high tourist season in this city, so, although the weather helps a lot, prices increase a bit in these months and it is a bit more difficult to find accommodation.

cartagena colombia travel safety

Many people arrive to the beautiful city of Cartagena through the Rafael Nuñez International Airport, located about 6 km from the Walled City.

Our travel packages include transfers from the airport to your accommodation and also tours of the city, additionally, our VIP package includes trips to multi-cities.

Free Walking Tours are a super interesting way to get to know different cities with experienced guides without having to pay. Well, actually you pay a tip at will to the guide who does the tour.

The Free Tour system exists in most of the big cities in the world and is usually done in different languages.

cartagena colombia travel safety

It consists of touring the city on foot (in some cases it is also done by bicycle) while a guide tells you about the history of each place you pass through. It is extremely interesting.

In the case of Cartagena, there is a Free Walking Tour in English and Spanish.

The schedules for the tours are Tuesday and Saturday at 11:30 am, at 4:30 pm and at 7 pm.

They are walks of approximately one hour and a half and I think it is totally worth it because you know every corner of a city with as much history as Cartagena de Indias, but the most important thing of all is that we organize it for you.

museo cartagena tour guide

Cartagena festivals

When is the best time to travel to cartagena colombia? … Cartagena de Indias is the epicenter of many cultural events that undoubtedly attract visitors from all over Colombia and around the world to enjoy its festivities and celebrations, for this beautiful city not only singles come to celebrate their bachelor party, It is also a cultural city where we can come with the family.

International Music Festival - Hay Festival

cartagena travel guide

Considered two of the most important events that are held annually in the city, they bring together the main exponents of instrumental music and international literature, respectively, in a series of concerts and gatherings in the best stages of the city, mostly with tickets at no cost for those who wish to participate.

Our Lady of Candelaria

cartagena colombia travel guide

Many authentic folkloric samples of the region, typical gastronomy of Cartagena, horseback riding and typical dances of Cartagena surround this festival in the month of February.

International Film and Television Festival

cartagena colombia travel guide

One of the most commemorative events in the city that brings together filmmakers, actors, musicians and fans of the most important international cinema in a single city. The samples of the cinematographic pieces are free and reach every corner of Cartagena.

Cartagena Boat Show - Performing Arts Festival.

cartagena colombia travel guide

Cartagena continues to grow in its tourist offer and in recent years it has been strengthened in its maritime events. The Cartagena Boat Show brings together the nautical industry to socialize the latest advances in equipment and activities.

For its part, the Performing Arts Festival is the cultural event that brings together the main exponents of culture, visual arts, music, theater and dance in Latin America, to show their best presentations on stage and in this way show what is most representative of their art and culture to the attendees.

Bands Festival

cartagena colombia travel guide

This event brings together the main typical music bands of the country, who delight attendees with their combinations of folklore and modern music.

Ixel Fashion

cartagena colombia travel guide

Event that brings together the main exponents of the fashion industry in Latin America and Colombia, as well as this industry, to update themselves on current and future trends.

Independence Festivities and National Beauty Contest

cartagena travel guide

In the penultimate month of the year Cartagena celebrates its Independence every year, the celebration is accompanied by the National Reign of Beauty that summons candidates from all the country’s departments in the election and coronation of Miss Colombia.

You already know when is the best time to travel to cartagena colombia is, it is during the months of December to April. During this period, the city experiences its dry season, with pleasant weather and less chance of rain. Temperatures usually range between 27°C and 30°C, allowing you to enjoy the beaches and outdoor activities without worrying about extreme heat. Also, this season coincides with festivities and cultural events, such as the famous Cartagena International Music Festival, which attracts tourists and locals alike. However, it is advisable to book accommodation and flights in advance, as this time is quite crowded. If you prefer to avoid the crowds and get cheaper rates, the months of May to November may also be an option, but keep in mind that it is the rainy season, so you may have to deal with some intermittent precipitation during your stay.

cartagena travel restrictions

Cartagena Travel Restrictions

There is no doubt that the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic has generated many travel restrictions to Cartagena, which has hit the economy of the region with millionaire losses. In mid-2021 and thanks to the health ministry’s campaigns, the situation has improved and joy has returned to the old walled city.

Below we will tell you how the restrictions are going so that you can plan your trip to Cartagena in advance.

COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Travelers from the United States do not have to present a negative result of a PCR or COVID-19 antigen test upon arrival in Colombia.

Airlines can allow travelers to board without proving the test result, if they confirm by means of an affidavit that they have not been able to undergo the test or obtain the result on time. In these cases, the Colombian government may require that you submit to a test or isolation upon arrival in Colombia.

Quarantine requirements

Travelers from the United States do not have to quarantine when entering Colombia. Travelers who may travel without proving the result of a COVID-19 test must undergo a PCR upon arrival in Colombia and quarantine until receiving a negative result or isolate themselves for 14 days without taking any test.

What do you think about the restrictions to travel to Cartagena? Travelers can enter without problem, especially those from the United States so stop making excuses and call us, we will immediately prepare your travel itinerary to Cartagena Colombia.

cartagena colombia travel guide

Cartagena Travel Guide

Check this travel packages to cartagena colombia. Colombia and it is the most beautiful jewel on the Caribbean coast, a city of stories and architectural beauty. A captivating and romantic place, which retains its charm in a big way. Here you will know the Cartagena Colombia travel guide.

In this travel guide, in addition to knowing what to do in Cartagena, Colombia, you will learn how to get there, our accommodations and which are the best beaches. So we will help you put together a cultural and historical route that will help you discover one of the most beautiful cities in South America.


Cartagena receives national and international flights at the Rafael Núñez Airport. In addition, it is connected by land with the interior of the country. Our rates are adapted to your budget where we can pick you up at the airport with our private vehicles, take you directly to our lodgings so that you can settle in after the long trip, and take you to the most beautiful places. Get to know our Cartagena Colombia travel guide here.


travel packages to cartagena colombia

We have our own accommodations for you in the best places in Cartagena which are: Getsemaní, Downtown and San Diego. Getsemaní is a very bohemian neighborhood a few blocks from the Walled City, and Downtown and San Diego make up what is the Walled City.


travel packages to cartagena colombia

It can be difficult to decide what to do in Cartagena, but don’t worry! If you want to discover a cultural route, be sure to visit these places:


travel packages to cartagena colombia

The historic center of Cartagena is located within an impressive stone wall of at least 13 kilometers. The thick walls of the Walled City were built to protect the city from enemy attacks.


This amazingly preserved work of military engineering began construction in the late 16th century, after the attack by Francis Drake.


travel packages to cartagena colombia

This is the main entrance to the Walled City. It is between the Plaza de la Independencia and Plaza de los Coches and was linked to the Getsemaní neighborhood by a drawbridge that served as a defense, since in case of attack, it would rise to prevent the entry of pirates.


This gate is one of the best preserved fortifications in the New World and its name responds to the clock with which the tower was crowned at the beginning of the 18th century, but among the locals this gate is known as the Boca del Puente.


travel packages to cartagena colombia

This is the first square that welcomes you when you arrive at the Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias, since it is located just after passing the Puerta del Reloj. The statue of the founder of the city is in the middle.


Formerly, this square served as a place of sale for black slaves brought from Africa during the Colony and later it would be a place where merchants offered products from the old continent.


Today this plaza in Cartagena is surrounded by old colonial houses and is home to the Portal de los Dulces, where you can taste the most traditional delicacies of the Colombian Caribbean coast.


travel packages to cartagena colombia

Formerly called the Plaza de Inquisición, this place is surrounded by some of the most elegant colonial buildings in the Walled City.


In addition, it is one of the most attractive squares in Cartagena and the shade of its lush trees offers a pleasant break from the extensive heat of the Caribbean.


travel packages to cartagena colombia

The Palace of the Inquisition, is today one of the most imposing and beautiful buildings in Cartagena, but during the colony it was the epicenter of the Inquisition, whose bloody task was to end heresy and everything that could be a crime against the faith Catholic and the Spanish crown.

This palace is now the Historical Museum of Cartagena de Indias and exhibits the terrible instruments of torture. It also houses stories, pre-Columbian ceramics and objects dating from the colony and Independence, such as weapons, paintings and a collection of maps of the New Kingdom of Granada.

Our travel guide to Cartagena, Colombia has more places for you, without a doubt it is a trip that you cannot miss, whether you come with all your friends to celebrate parties or bachelor parties, as well as a trip as a couple since this is a city of many contrasts for all tastes. We will wait for you!


Do not forget that we have a concierge service which will be at your disposal and that of your guests 24 hours a day.

museo cartagena tour guide

Cartagena Modern Art Museum

We invite you to read our guide for a tour of Cartagena and you will see that it is not just meeting beautiful women, Cartagena offers more than that, this is a city rich in culture due to its history. In this article I invite you to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

The Museum is located in the Historic Center, in Plaza San Pedro Claver, with the San Ignacio bastion to one side, and is one of the few covered public spaces that Cartagena and visitors to the walled city can enjoy.

It has an inventory of more than 400 works, most of them from coastal artists. It adopts its institutional framework in 1972 thanks to Enrique Grau and Alejandro Obregón, however it is in 1979 when it is assumed as the opening date because it is the year in which it opens to the public at its current headquarters. It houses the works of its local founders, Enrique Grau, Alejandro Obregón, Cecilia Porras and Hernando Lemaitre.

nh gallery cartagena

NH Gallery | Places of Cartagena

Cartagena has beautiful places for all tastes, and that is why this city receives thousands of people every year, who are looking for a break from their daily life, who like adventure, or are simply tired of Las Vegas and come to the walled city. for your bachelor party.

For those who love art and want to see something different, here we will tell you about a special place to come and appreciate art, it is NH Gallery.

NH gallery specializes in Colombian and international contemporary art, both by established and emerging artists. When you visit it, you will find works by representative figures, such as Ruby Rumié, Adriana Marmorek, Álvaro Barrios, Niki de Saint Phalle, Sophia Vari, Lesley Dill and Adam Straus, among others. NH Galería works in conjunction with the Nohra Haime Gallery in New York, creating a link that enriches international cultural exchange, through disciplines such as photography, painting, installation, video, and sculpture. They also dedicate a segment to the secondary art market of the 20th and 21st centuries.

So now you know, if you are looking for a different place to visit in Cartagena, the NH Art Gallery is one of the best options in beautiful Cartagena.