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We have cartagena seniors excursions! Yes, this is how you read it. Cartagena, with its rich history, impressive colonial architecture and beautiful beaches, offers a variety of activities suitable for seniors who wish to explore the city in a relaxed and comfortable way. Here are some recommended excursions:

Historic City Car Tour: For those who prefer to avoid long walks in the sun, a car tour of Cartagena’s historic center is an excellent option. An expert guide will take visitors through the picturesque cobblestone streets while narrating the city’s fascinating history and highlighting its main points of interest, such as the wall, San Felipe Castle, and Plaza de Bolívar.

Horse-drawn carriage ride through the historic center: A charming alternative to the car tour is a horse-drawn carriage ride. Visitors can relax and enjoy the charm of Cartagena as a coachman drives through the narrow streets lined with colorful colonial houses. This walk offers a unique perspective of the city and allows travelers to admire the architecture and historical monuments without getting tired.

Guided tour of museums and art galleries: Cartagena is home to a variety of museums and galleries that offer a fascinating insight into its rich culture and history. A guided excursion (if you only speak English) to places such as the Zenú Gold Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Caribbean Naval Museum provides an educational and cultural experience in an indoor environment, ideal for seniors who wish to avoid the heat and fatigue.

Cartagena Bay Cruise: For a tranquil and scenic experience, a Cartagena Bay cruise is a perfect option. Travelers can enjoy stunning views of the walled city from the water while relaxing on deck and enjoying the sea breeze. Some cruises even include live music and cocktails, creating a friendly and festive atmosphere.

Visit to the city’s gardens and parks: For those who enjoy nature and the outdoors, exploring the gardens and parks of Cartagena is a pleasant and rejuvenating activity. Places like the Guillermo Piñeres Botanical Garden, Parque Centenario, and Parque del Centenario offer lush green areas, shady benches, and quiet paths ideal for strolling and relaxing.

Our excursions for seniors in Cartagena stand out for being all-inclusive, what does this mean? You can access it with our packages that include accommodation in 19th century villas, ideal for groups of many people. We can also include trips to the high seas in a Catamaran so you can take great photographs and have a good time. Additionally, we will add to our packages, pick-up and return to the airport in a private car, a Chef and a concierge who will be your personal assistant.

These cartagena seniors excursions are designed to provide a pleasant and enriching experience to seniors who visit Cartagena, retirees who want to enjoy retirement by getting to know new destinations, allowing them to enjoy the beauty and history of the city in a comfortable and accessible way. Schedule a call and someone from our team will contact you shortly.


What You Will Experience:

Family Cooking Class

Spa Treatment

Private Yacht or Catamaran Rental

City Tours

Rosario & Baru Island Hopping In Style

Cartagena Flyboard & Aquatic Sports

Cartagena Cultural Tour

Transfer To The Airport

Souveniur Tour

Shopping Tour

Cartagena Best Shopping Centers, Restaurants & Coffee Guide

Cartagena Adventure Tours

Cartagena VIP City Concierge

Transfer From Airport

24h Full Transport Service Or Private Car Rental With or Without Driver (Optional)

Welcome In Your Luxury Vacation Rental Or Hotel

Baby Sitter (Optional)

Everyday Meals & Drinks

Private Chef (Optional)

Body Guards (Optional)

Private Latin & Colombian Music Shows (Parranda Vallenata And More)

Family Pool Party With BBQ & Colombian Grill At Home

Kids Entertainers (Optional)

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