A Cartagena Experience For You And Your Buddies

Imagine all the fun you could get with your crew & expect even more of our Cartagena Friends Vacation Experience

A Cartagena Friends Vacation history: One day, you’re maybe sitting with your friends at a coffee bar or at the house of one of them, talking about the tiring routine of your jobs and someone will mention the next vacation he or she would like to have.

Suddenly, all of you want is to head to the beach, rent a yacht, meet a historic city in the Caribbean — anywhere that gives you the chance to find adventure, and life lasting memories to break the boring routine, so you google a bit and find that a Cartagena friends vacation is all you have been looking for.

Here is where we appear, to invite you to soak up the sun, soak up the fun in Cartagena Colombia!

Grab your BFF to this Cartagena Friend Vacation experience, and breath easy in this charming and really exciting Caribbean city.

Let the sunset take your breath away on a private catamaran cruise or luxury yacht party, as you dance and sip unlimited premium cocktails mixed just for you and your BFF.

Treat yourself to a revitalizing massage when you return to your luxury vacation rental in the heart of the Cartagena Old City.

In this Cartagena Friends Vacation trip, you will stay near to all the Cartagena finest nightlife scene, around the beautiful & safe walled city, the historic center of Cartagena de Indias.

Head up with your best friends to Cartagena de Indias and prepare to Enjoy the very best of this Caribbean vacation dream destination.

We will receive you all with our VIP services for transportation, security details, luxury accommodations, day & nightlife activities, adventure tours, yacht parties, private pool parties, and all the food and drinks you can handle.

Imagine, you can experience all of this while spending quality time with your best friend in a luxury all-inclusive Cartagena friends vacation getaway!

No matter you’re planning your vacation trip for a huge group or simply for a few friends, we are ready to make you experience Cartagena Colombia the Great Way!


Cartagena Adventure Tours

What You Will Experience:

24h Full Transport Service

Transfer From Airport

Welcome In Your Luxury Vacation Rentall And Itinerary Details

Cartagena VIP Party & City Concierge

Everyday Meals & Drinks

Private DJ With Professional Sound (Optional)

Private Bartender (Optional)

Body Guards (Optional)

Private Chef (Optional)

Day & Nightlife Tour With VIP Reservations At Cartagena's Finest Spots

Luxury Catamaran or Yacht Party At Cholon Tour

Rosario & Baru Island Hopping In Style

Cartagena Flyboard & Aquatic Sports

City Tour

Coffee Tasting Experience

Colombian Liquor, Rum & Cigars Tasting

Spa Treatment

Shopping Tour

Souvenir Tour

Transfer To The Airport

Amazing Pool Parties With BBQ & Colombian Grills At Home

Make It Happen

Any Special Request Will And Can Be Taken Care Of, At Cartagena Experience Your Colombia Cartagena Travel Is Guaranteed!

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