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Cartagena Modern Art Museum

We invite you to read our guide for a tour of Cartagena and you will see that it is not just meeting beautiful women, Cartagena offers more than that, this is a city rich in culture due to its history. In this article I invite you to visit the Museum of Modern Art.

The Museum is located in the Historic Center, in Plaza San Pedro Claver, with the San Ignacio bastion to one side, and is one of the few covered public spaces that Cartagena and visitors to the walled city can enjoy.

It has an inventory of more than 400 works, most of them from coastal artists. It adopts its institutional framework in 1972 thanks to Enrique Grau and Alejandro Obregón, however it is in 1979 when it is assumed as the opening date because it is the year in which it opens to the public at its current headquarters. It houses the works of its local founders, Enrique Grau, Alejandro Obregón, Cecilia Porras and Hernando Lemaitre.

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