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Cartagena Travel Guide

Check this travel packages to cartagena colombia. Colombia and it is the most beautiful jewel on the Caribbean coast, a city of stories and architectural beauty. A captivating and romantic place, which retains its charm in a big way. Here you will know the Cartagena Colombia travel guide.

In this travel guide, in addition to knowing what to do in Cartagena, Colombia, you will learn how to get there, our accommodations and which are the best beaches. So we will help you put together a cultural and historical route that will help you discover one of the most beautiful cities in South America.


Cartagena receives national and international flights at the Rafael Núñez Airport. In addition, it is connected by land with the interior of the country. Our rates are adapted to your budget where we can pick you up at the airport with our private vehicles, take you directly to our lodgings so that you can settle in after the long trip, and take you to the most beautiful places. Get to know our Cartagena Colombia travel guide here.


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We have our own accommodations for you in the best places in Cartagena which are: Getsemaní, Downtown and San Diego. Getsemaní is a very bohemian neighborhood a few blocks from the Walled City, and Downtown and San Diego make up what is the Walled City.


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It can be difficult to decide what to do in Cartagena, but don’t worry! If you want to discover a cultural route, be sure to visit these places:


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The historic center of Cartagena is located within an impressive stone wall of at least 13 kilometers. The thick walls of the Walled City were built to protect the city from enemy attacks.


This amazingly preserved work of military engineering began construction in the late 16th century, after the attack by Francis Drake.


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This is the main entrance to the Walled City. It is between the Plaza de la Independencia and Plaza de los Coches and was linked to the Getsemaní neighborhood by a drawbridge that served as a defense, since in case of attack, it would rise to prevent the entry of pirates.


This gate is one of the best preserved fortifications in the New World and its name responds to the clock with which the tower was crowned at the beginning of the 18th century, but among the locals this gate is known as the Boca del Puente.


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This is the first square that welcomes you when you arrive at the Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias, since it is located just after passing the Puerta del Reloj. The statue of the founder of the city is in the middle.


Formerly, this square served as a place of sale for black slaves brought from Africa during the Colony and later it would be a place where merchants offered products from the old continent.


Today this plaza in Cartagena is surrounded by old colonial houses and is home to the Portal de los Dulces, where you can taste the most traditional delicacies of the Colombian Caribbean coast.


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Formerly called the Plaza de Inquisición, this place is surrounded by some of the most elegant colonial buildings in the Walled City.


In addition, it is one of the most attractive squares in Cartagena and the shade of its lush trees offers a pleasant break from the extensive heat of the Caribbean.


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The Palace of the Inquisition, is today one of the most imposing and beautiful buildings in Cartagena, but during the colony it was the epicenter of the Inquisition, whose bloody task was to end heresy and everything that could be a crime against the faith Catholic and the Spanish crown.

This palace is now the Historical Museum of Cartagena de Indias and exhibits the terrible instruments of torture. It also houses stories, pre-Columbian ceramics and objects dating from the colony and Independence, such as weapons, paintings and a collection of maps of the New Kingdom of Granada.

Our travel guide to Cartagena, Colombia has more places for you, without a doubt it is a trip that you cannot miss, whether you come with all your friends to celebrate parties or bachelor parties, as well as a trip as a couple since this is a city of many contrasts for all tastes. We will wait for you!


Do not forget that we have a concierge service which will be at your disposal and that of your guests 24 hours a day.

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