Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas


It is the largest defensive infrastructure work created in America by the Spanish reign, is considered the greatest architectural jewel of the city and is considered impregnable by its design, the cannonballs of the time slide on its walls without leaving any damage.

It was built on the hill of San Lazaro, which is why many call it Cerro de San Felipe. It has an average of 41 to 45 meters in height. It was made with limestone, mud, clay, bricks because at that time there were no modern construction materials such as cement.

From there the army and the Spanish crown had full consent of all movements that were made from outside and was built in such a way that if the pirates took it (which was almost impossible) they could destroy the castle with the invaders inside.

To know this fort, also called castle by the dimensions of it, is to move the time of the Spanish conquest in which Dutch, French and English ships attacked the vault of the Spanish crown in America as was considered Cartagena de Indias in their time of colonization.

This fort conserves intact all the entrances, passages and warehouses of powder magazine that were used to defend the walled city. Mixing all that history with the background of the walled city of Cartagena plus the residential elitist area of ​​the castle, we have as a result
One of the best panoramic postcards of Cartagena that for sure you will also love it.

It is one of the 10 most visited monuments in the Americas and is the best preserved of the three castles that still exist in the city. This is the unmissable destination if you go to Cartagena de Indias, as it is the maximum symbol
From the city.

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